The World Expo is basically a major World Fair that anyone can attend. Every five years a major World Expo occurs in some wonderful city around the world. To be a host, a country must submit an extensive candidacy application that details their proposed theme, environmental impact, finances, locations, dates for the expo and much […]

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From Ground to City

Aesthetics. As human beings, we crave things that can grab our attention. We like to see people, places, and structures that are physically appealing. When I think about this word, I recall my last trip to NYC. It was 7AM and I was sitting on the bus, about to arrive into the city. It was […]

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A City Built From Tourism

As much as I talk about traveling, I have yet to leave the country. This is sad for me to say because I am so intrigued by the world and all of the places I could have passionately traveled too throughout the past few years, besides good ole Ohio. With the amount of trips I […]

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A Tour of Kashan

City of Kashan When most people hear the term “Desert”, a visual of dry land, scorching heat, and scarcity often comes to mind. While in some places this image is mostly accurate, the city of Kashan is anything but. It lies amongst the central deserts in Iran, and is one of the first riveting destinations […]

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The Dead Sea Brings Life

What is the first place that comes to mind when thinking of destinations to travel to? I’m sure for many people the Middle East does not jump out at them as a beautiful, relaxing place to vacation. The Middle East is often directly associated with turmoil and war, but in reality there are several breath-taking […]

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