Lives Lost, and Lost Lives

As I search for a blog topic to write about each week, my heart never fails to ache as I read endless articles on the people being effected by the Syrian conflicts. Two BBC news articles struck my attention this week; both having a common theme of Syrians being unable to have their old lives […]

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Harsh Winter, Harsh Reality

Approximately 40 Ohio University students have been displaced after a multiple structure fire occurred early Sunday morning along Union Street in uptown Athens. The fire began around 4:10 a.m. on Sunday, November 16 and was not entirely extinguished until 3:00 p.m. During this time, the flames spread to a total of five businesses, three of […]

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The Power of Foreign Language

After reading and agreeing with one of my classmates, Jack McNenny’s, blog on the lack of foreign language in our schools, I became interested in how countries throughout the Middle East implement foreign language throughout their education, and how it differs from the United States. But They’re Just Children.. Americans tend to view the concept […]

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Turkey- Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) History According to Songun, ever since the Turkey Kurdistan Worker’s Party was established in the 1920’s they have had ongoing conflict with the Turkish Government. The formation of the PKK was due to the establishment of the Turkish Republic. Problems arose because of the Turkish Republic’s secular changes, where they […]

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