Peace through Play

In the United States, many children start to play sports at a very young age. As early as 5 or 6, American children are thrust into sports like soccer, football, tennis, basketball, softball, baseball, and more. Team sports are especially emphasized for young people, because they teach you important skills and valuable lessons about the […]

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The Other Son

The Other Son  Last summer my Nana and I saw a movie called The Other Son. I was a bit skeptical at first because all I knew was the movie was in subtitles but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Before watching this movie I was very uneducated on much of the conflict in […]

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Halloween in the Middle East

As HallOUween (Ohio University’s Halloween Block Party) is quickly approaching, I’ve been wondering what Halloween is like in the Middle East and if it is even allowed. Halloween started out as a pagan holiday in Ireland, known as the Celtic Festival of Samhain, which was observed on October 31st. It was said that, “the souls […]

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Musical Intifada? Shadia Mansour: “First Lady of Arabic Hip Hop”

With Israeli occupation comes Palestinian resistance; however, this does not always translate into violent conflict. The “First Lady” of Arab hip hop, Shadia Mansour, sees her lyrics and rise to popularity as a “musical intifada” of its own. She uses cultural means to gather support and awareness for her political goal: ending Israeli occupation and […]

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Palestinian Paralympic Movement

In 1999 Law Number 4 was put into place concerning the rights of Palestinians with disabilities. Article 2 of this law states, “The disabled have the right to enjoy a free life, dignified living, and various services in a manner equal to that of the other citizens.” While this law was created with the intention […]

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The Time A Journalist Spent Three Days In An Israeli Holding Sell

Hearing Michael Bublè’s “Home” while riding in the back of a police van was probably the last thing Federica Marsi expected while working in Israel early September. In a recent Vice article, Marsi told her firsthand account of being deported from Tel Aviv while illegally reporting on Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory. After what she […]

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