Jerusalem’s Significance

The city of Jerusalem is significant in a number of ways to many Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It is holy for the three monotheistic religions because of the religious significant events that took place there. Although Jerusalem is unique, it’s important to why it’s significant to different types of religion. Significance of Jerusalem to Jews […]

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Is There an End To Oppression?

As a result of last week’s blog post, I received a comment that only motivated me to continue my focus on Islam and some of the common generalizations made. When listening to people speak about Islam and Muslims, I have been able to pin-point many misconceptions and a lot of them have been directed to […]

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Sneaky ISIS, Very Sneaky

Deadly weapon: Propaganda ISIS is taking over social media and recruiting men and women from all over the world, especially Westerners. How are they gaining so much support? Well, it’s quite simple. ISIS is very smart about who and how they are targeting Westerners. They use emotional appeal and cult-like deception to persuade young Muslims […]

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A Culture, Not a Costume

Ohio University has a well-known reputation for having one of the largest Halloween celebrations in the United States, and yes, the pressure of a perfect costume is oh so real. Every year around this time, I scramble to come up with a costume that’s original and entertaining. As I browsed the web last week for […]

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