Twitter War

The fighting seems to never end in the Middle East. News just released that Palestinian militants targeted Israel’s capital Tel Aviv with missiles fired from Gaza strip. This is the first missile threat towards residents of Tel Aviv since 1991. The rocket is said to have come down on dry land hitting a field in […]

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What Will He Do Next

As of Wednesday Britain announced that they would be working with the rebel military leaders and Turkey NATO members to remove the Syrian President Assad from office. They plan on using Patriot missiles to form a safe zone inside Syria. This announcement and the recent re-election of President Barack Obama have lead to all eyes on the […]

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A Time For Celebration

This past Thursday and Friday was a holiday for Muslim’s around the world. Eid al-Adha is one of the largest Holiday’s for Muslims. To get a little background information it is a festival of sacrifice that began on Thursday evening and continues until the end of the Hajj pilgrimage. The festival begins on the 10th […]

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Never Ending Violence

Due to the recent disruptions in Lebanon the U.S has issued a statement supporting Lebanese efforts to form a new coalition amid at rising tensions sparked by the killing of security chief Wissam al-Hassan. Gen Hassan the head of the intelligence branch of the Internal Security Forces, was killed in a car bomb blast on Friday. […]

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Syria…the best solution

To give a quick back history Syria has been falling into a civil war for the last nineteen months. On March 2011 there was an offshoot of the Arab Spring in Syria, which demanded for freedom and reform this sparked the continuing conflict. The “rebels” of Syria had decided at this point President Assad had […]

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Hezbollah Issues Warning

Hassan Nasrallah the head leader of Lebanon-based Hezbollah group and Mahmoud Ahmedinejad the Iranian president stated stern warnings towards Israel that any aggression on their country’s part will be met with an immediate armed response. Nasrallah was quoted back in August saying “fighters will make the lives of Israelis a living hell if it is […]

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Will there ever be peace?

There has been a constant struggle between Israel and Palestine since the early 20th century. The key issues of conflict are focused around borders, security, water rights, control of Jerusalem, Israeli settlements, Palestinian freedom of movement, and finding resolution of the refugee question. These issues have led to severe human rights violence for both sides […]

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