“Belly Dancing”

“Belly Dancing” Before this semester began in August I was somewhat clueless when it came to foreign culture and I like many naive Americans when someone said the Middle East the first couple things that pop into my head were hummus, war, and belly dancing. Belly dancing is a common type of dance in the […]

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The Other Son

The Other Son  Last summer my Nana and I saw a movie called The Other Son. I was a bit skeptical at first because all I knew was the movie was in subtitles but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Before watching this movie I was very uneducated on much of the conflict in […]

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Food Security or Bank Security?

Food Security or Bank Security? Since the evolution of humans and animals there has always been the issue of hunger, the struggle to feed one’s self and family and the devastating fact of famine. Although there are many starving people in this world there are also those who are not.  Americans throw away 40% of […]

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Sidon’s Cultural Legacy

Sidon’s Cultural Legacy As a kid I remember my brothers and I begging my mom to take us to Squire’s Castle, which dates back to the 1890s. The castle is located in North Chagrin Reservation on River Road which is now part of the Cleveland Metro parks in north east Ohio. My brothers and I […]

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Circus in Town

Circus in Town In light of the newest season of American Horror Story which involves a circus more or less a “freak show” as it is frequently called throughout the show. Lebanon aims to gain tourism by launching a new curcis called Circo International in the city of Karantina. Although some safety concerns have been raised. Karantina Lebanon […]

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Wailing Wall

Wailing Wall It has always been a dream of mine to visit Israel, to walk the streets of Jerusalem to pray at the Western Wall and float in the Dead Sea. Unfortunately I am afraid, I am afraid to visit the land of my ancestors and that is heart wrenching to me. Just this Tuesday […]

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Missing Poultry

Missing Poultry Before the summer war in Gaza began, two thirds of the population in Gaza was receiving food assistance, since then it has increased by 700,000 people, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FOA). In August, while Gaza was still involved in the skirmishes, it is estimated that half of […]

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