Killing in the Name of…

Earlier this weekend I saw a headline concerning the conflict in Syria that read “Syria Ceasefire: Regime Agrees to Holiday Truce.” I remember thinking, “Finally! At least (even if not for good) people will be able to enjoy the holiday in peace.” The conflict in Syria stems from sectarian differences among Alawis, who belong to […]

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More Spill Over Violence in Lebanon

The rebels and government forces have continued to relentlessly wage war on each other in Syria. However, in a recent twist of events Hezbollah has been exposed in aiding Syrian government forces. Many people “have long accused the Islamist party of taking a direct role in the Syrian conflict” prior to the accumulating evidence that […]

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An Ever Deepening Rift

It’s evident that there is a significant spillover of conflict on the Lebanese-Syrian border. However, the question that brings worry to most people is: will Lebanon be engulfed in a sectarian civil war much like the conflict that Syria has become a witness to? In recent weeks “spillover clashes” have become more common in the […]

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