Food Crisis 2012

As many might be able to presume, the Middle East is not a region that possesses an abundant amount of land that is desirable for agricultural use. The lack of arable land can hold the potential to be a predicament for any country that may find they are lacking that resource. To make matters worse, […]

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What’s Next for Netanyahu?

It was a long day. I had woken up early to complete the looming homework I had procrastinated to finish. With one eye open, I was relieved to see that the sun had rose before me and was shining on the Athens landscape. Walking the streets, I exhaled to visibly see the cold wrap around […]

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The Art of Beauty

Five years ago, Rutgers University implemented their Fertile Crescent Project, an art exhibit. When I first came across this, ‘fertile crescent’ was such a familiar term I couldn’t put to context. Through a quick reminder, the term was given meaning with recollection that it was given to the region of the Middle East due to […]

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An Unpredictable Future Awaits

With the soon coming elections, it’s expected that both candidates will be taking a so-called ‘pleasing’ route until November 7th. Not ruffling the waters, avoiding shaking the pot, and by all means being cautious as to what they say. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that they spend just as much time deciphering what […]

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Welcome to Election Season

The commercials are never-ending, the pop-up ads are frequent, and the phone calls are daily; it is no surprise that the presidential campaign in the United States has reached full throttle. Similarly, Israel is preparing for their own election. The two candidates in both situations are found frequently debating the same issue. As the U.S. […]

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