Egypt; A Middle Eastern Country?

When I was a young kid I never saw Egypt as part of the Middle East. It was a country in Africa so why would it be mixed in with the Middle East? As I thought back about some of the misconceptions I had about the Middle East and Egypt one major thing stood out to me, The Pyramids. Egypt is very well known for the ancient pyramids dating back almost 4,ooo years ago. However, there are many facts people do not know about the pyramids.blog8

In movies the huge pyramids always seem like they are out in the middle of the desert. This is a big misconception since towns surround the pyramids. When you look at an aerial view of the pyramids they are right in the middle of huge towns. There are coffee shops and fun tourist stores right outside of the pyramids. This was so weird to find out since almost every movie that incorporates the pyramids such as The Mummy make it seem like you have to go far distances to find

Many people also don’t know that the pyramids are extremely hard to navigate through. One researcher could not find a way to get into the pyramid so he simply blew a whole in the side many years ago. Once inside there are many twist and turns that were created to confuse grave robbers that may try and take the Pharaohs possessions. The Pharaohs are not the only ones buried in the Pyramids. Loved ones, officials and priest are also buried in the pyramids. During this time period people believed the pharaohs were chosen by the Gods to be mediators between them and the humans.

blog#8!While this was a long time before Islam spread to Egypt, it was not until very recently that I saw Egypt as a Middle Eastern country. What we learn in school about Egypt is very different than how it is now. Do you see Egypt as a Middle East country? If not, why? Why do you think schools don’t teach kids about present day Egypt as well as the stories of the pyramids and Pharaohs?


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