A Day at the Dubai Mall

Can you imagine walking into a mall that has it’s own streets complete with road signs and lamps? The Dubai Mall, located in Dubai, UAE is one of the most extensive, extravagant malls in the world. Like many other women, shopping is one of my favorite past times. I enjoy shopping in several different settings such as antique stores, boutiques, and most importantly in shopping centers. One of my favorite things about going to a mall is the variety of stores that are offered. Even if you don’t have very much money, it is one of the best places to go window shopping because it has such a vast selection of stores. I couldn’t imagine being able to travel to a mall such as the Dubai Mall. It had always been a wish of mine to travel to the Mall of America in Minnesota, but compared to the Dubai Mall it seems minuscule


Several of the malls I have went to in my lifetime have at most around 200 stores and I still seem to get lost somewhere. According to an article on http://www.thedubaimall.com/en/Information/Faq.aspx, the Dubai Mall has over 1,200 stores with around 125 stores that are completely new to the area that hadn’t been open anywhere besides the mall. Some of these stores include Galeries Lafayette from Paris, Hamley’s Toy Store from London, Waitrose from the UK, and much more. The stores vary from very high end to some of the most common stores that are here in the United States as well. By offering such a variety of stores the mall can draw very diverse groups of people there due to the fact that there is something there for just about everyone. In the mall there are jewelry, fashion, furniture, electronic, perfume stores, toy stores and much more. These stores appeal to just about every age group of people that comes to the mall.


Other Attractions

Not only is there tons of stores in the mall there are several other attractions throughout the mall and surrounding the mall. There are over 150 restaurants throughout the mall that vary from fine dining to fast food. Also, neighboring the mall are several other dining attractions. Some of the other attractions throughout the mall are an ice rink, a movie theater, an aquarium, and a mock flight in an Emirates A380. The Dubai Fountain has water jets that shoot up as high as a fifty story building, making it the largest dancing fountain in the world along with lights that are synchronized with the jets. Each day there are afternoon shows and evening shows every thirty minutes. Additionally, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is located within the mall. The aquarium has over 33,000 living animals which includes over 400 sharks and rays. There is also a large, glass tunnel that you can walk through for up close experiences. The Emirates A380 is also a huge attraction located at the mall. With the Emirates A380 experience riders are able to choose from twelve different destinations and have a mock flight to them and see what it is like to ride in the world’s largest aircraft. You are even able to chose the weather conditions for your flight. Similarly, to amusement parks pictures are taken throughout the ride and are available for purchase at the end

fountainThe dubai mall aquarium_tcm87-24123

Dubai is one of the most fascinating places in the world to me and seems to hold just about the world’s largest everything. It would be such an amazing experience to travel to Dubai to see all of the amazing things it has to offer. Going to malls throughout America just won’t be the same after realizing how unique and breathtaking the Dubai Mall is.



3 thoughts on “A Day at the Dubai Mall

  1. This blog was awesome. The scale of the Dubai Mall is insane, I would love to see it one day. It would probably take a few days to get through all of it haha, and I can only imagine how many food places there must be. A mall with a zoo? Insanity!

  2. If I ever visited a mall like this, I feel like it would be more for the people watching, instead of the actual shopping. It seems like a place I could spend hours on hours exploring. Fascinating,

  3. Ever since I watched a television program about Dubai a few years ago, I’ve had a strong desire to go there. But now that I know of this mall, I know I will definitely venturing there. 1,200 stores?! An underwater zoo?? Crazy!! I can already see my mom having to drag me out of the mall now.

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