Reasons Why Everyone Should Love The Middle East

Often times people forget about the Middle East as being a place to visit or as a tourist attraction. There is typically such a negative mindset towards the Middle East from people in the United States. It’s sad because there are actually a lot of very interesting and fun things to do. There are things that range from buying gold from an ATM in Dubai, to drinking in a bomb shelter in Lebanon. Here’s a few fun things to look into if you are ever traveling to the Middle East:

Walk a chewing gum-lined street, Tunisia

In the Tunisian village of Sidi Bou Said is a tree-lined street that looks very similar to a Greek island. The houses are blue and white and if you are looking out from them, there is a small marina that is centered around one street. Couples stick chewing gum on the trees lining the street as a sign of there love.

Buy Gold Bars From an ATM, Abu Dhabi 

There are ATMs in one of Abu Dhabi’s nicest hotels, the Emirates Palace Hotel. These ATMs are not your typical ATM for giving you cash. Some of them give you bars of gold. These ATMs are also gold plated, and they give customers about 320 options that range from gold bars to customized coins. Also, the prices for the gold are always being updated to show the value of gold in the international markets. This is an expensive souvenir, but it can also be a good investment later on.

Spend 100 US Dollars On Tea, Dubai

Yes, $100 can seem overly priced just for tea, but it is definitely the experience that counts in this situation. This takes place in the only seven-star hotel in the entire world. With amazing service and amazing views from the Skyview Bar, this is designed to give the customer a taste of royalty and indulgence. You also get all you can eat finger foods and the opportunity to try different exotic teas.

Burj Al Arab

There are many awesome places in the Middle East and I would love to travel there someday to visit some of these interesting places. So you all better check it out!


2 thoughts on “Reasons Why Everyone Should Love The Middle East

  1. I have heard of a lot of cool things to do in the Middle East, but I have honestly never heard of any of these. The chewing-gum lined street kind of reminds me of the idea in Paris where couples write their initials on a lock and lock the lock on the bridge then throw the keys into the river. I guess gum may not be as romantic, but hey it’s the thought that counts right?

  2. The gum on the trees reminded be of the lock bridges that are popping up around the world, the most popular one being in Paris. I adore these kind of ideas, however locks are a bit more sanitary than chewing gum. I also like that you showcased the luxury that occurs in the Middle East. Most people only think about the conflict and struggles in that region, but those are only part of everyday life in the Middle East.

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