From Ground to City


As human beings, we crave things that can grab our attention. We like to see people, places, and structures that are physically appealing. When I think about this word, I recall my last trip to NYC. It was 7AM and I was sitting on the bus, about to arrive into the city. It was time for the sun to start coming up, but the sky was still dark. Until the skyline appeared. Before my eyes, a stretch of buildings lit up the entire sky, sparkling and shining in the distance. I had completely forgotten that it was dark outside. For the rest of my trip, I closely examined all of the buildings I encountered, each one containing its own personality and charm. The architecture of this city is part of the reason it is given its title as the concrete jungle. It is also part of the reason it is known all around the world.

Architecture is different everywhere you go, from city to city. From country to country. Nonetheless, each one contains a style unique to its own.

Depending on where you travel in the Middle East, the style of architecture can be described as highly Modern, much like you would see in Dubai, to traditional and religiously constructed.

  1. The Museum of Modern Art in Qatar is a perfect example of modern architecture. The project itself was priced around 47 million dollars. While it contains extravagant pieces of Islamic art, it is safe to say that many people visit the site to view the building itself. When seeing it from afar, it appears to be cubes stacked on top of more cubes, located intriguingly upon a waterfront. The design was formed from an architect who came out of retirement to travel around to Middle East finding inspiration for this masterpiece.

Views Of Qatar

  1. In Dubai, it is typical to see buildings that look as if they were taken straight out of a futuristic Sci-Fi setting. Some of the most famous structures are the Dubai Towers, which visually can be compared to dancing flames- in building form. They themselves range from 57 to 94 stories, and were hoped to be a part of a mega project taking place in Dubai Creek, which divides the city into two main sections. During their construction, they were said to have symbolized hope, harmony, growth, and opportunity.

Property of TVS, Inc.

  1. More impressive forms of architecture can be found among-st the old city of Shibam, located in Yemen. The city has been described as the “Manhattan of the Desert.” Imagine a New York Skyline, but instead of glass and concrete skyscrapers, ones composed of mud brick. These buildings are some of the oldest examples of urban based planning regarding vertical construction. The founding of the city was due to a need for protection, as well as a representation of economic pride.


My desire to examine the architecture of cities and their buildings has only increased after looking at these few examples. In our world, we can find various styles of design, and with that, we can see diverse examples of beauty.



2 thoughts on “From Ground to City

  1. After looking at the architecture of various cities, I still find myself leaning more and more towards Dubai, which is unusual for me. I have always been a fan of old architecture, detailed moldings and carvings have always been a point of interest in my life. I keep reading about Dubai, and the city itself is beyond intriguing. The infrastructure is unreal, and it continues to expand. Mind blowing.

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