Colonel Sanders Smuggles into Gaza

Yum! Foods, the corporation that operates fast food giants such as Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC does not currently have a KFC in Gaza. However, in light of the current news, it seems as though they should. One delivery company is taking advantage of demand of KFC and smuggling it to the Gaza people. The Gaza-based delivery company, Al-Yamama, have found a way to get their hands on some Kentucky Fried Chicken that is finger lickin’ good. The company is using a 30-mile long series of tunnels past the Israeli blockade to a KFC in al-Arish, Egypt. A route that could get you your chicken in around three hours after you order.


The ordering process is very simple. It starts when a customer calls Al-Yamama and places the order. Al-Yamama then calls their connection to the KFC in Egypt who places the order and runs the food to the start of the tunnel. From the start of the tunnel, smugglers make their way back to Gaza with the chicken.


Smuggled KFC in Gaza costs around 100 skekels or $30. Because of this high price most of the patrons that order this luxury are considered well off or upper class. The people who get this chicken say that even after a three-hour travel and being slightly cold, it is still finger lickin’ good.


2 thoughts on “Colonel Sanders Smuggles into Gaza

  1. It really saddens me that things as simple as Fast Food need to be smuggled into Gaza past the Israeli blockade. It almost amazes me that people would pay such a high price to receive food even with such a long delivery rate. I’m curious to know how these tunnels and routes are still accessible since they are obviously known to the public. I wonder if this route is used for smuggling other things and why it has not been shut down by this point.

  2. I would actually like to read more on this as well. I wonder what happens upon getting caught? It’s crazy to think how these are the norms while in the United States it is the easiest thing in the world to get KFC. I agree though, I wonder how this tunnel is still running.

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