Beauty and the Beach

With the cold, dreary days arriving upon us in Athens, I find myself dreaming of the warm sun’s rays grazing upon my face, as the sound of waves dancing along the shoreline soothingly drifts through my ears. While I have visited many beaches over the past few years, the treasured beaches in the Middle East are ones that I can only hope to see some day.


On the Southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, lies the Arab state of Oman. Oman itself is ethnically diverse, as well as geographically engaging. It holds one of the most remarkable beaches in the region, and contains thousands of miles of breathtaking coastline. Mughsayl Beach, in Salalah, is well-known for its rocky shoreline, and coconut groves that grow alongside of it.


This hotspot in Oman is embraced not only by the tourists, but very much so by the permanent residents of the local area. When visiting, you do not feel rushed, as most people saunter along the seaside in a daze of astonishment and serenity. You can find shacks scattered throughout, which perfectly accommodate those who wish to take a break and grab a bite to eat.

A feature unique to Mughasayl are the blowholes that appear in the area, which shoot fountains of water directly into the air. The natural wonders lure in spectators, and provide them with an intriguing sight. Marveled viewers can expect these to be heightened during the monsoon season, also referred to as the Khareef. The natives rely on the monsoon as a water source, and even have a festival dedicated to it. The season is beneficial to the landscape of the city. The hillsides transform from dull browns, to vibrant green hues. The atmosphere is one that can be described as captivating, yet unperturbed.



A place where the mountains meet the sea. A haven of relaxation. Bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Crisp winds flowing freely through the mountains. Open roads, and endless opportunities. Mughsayl beach is a combination of all things wonderful.46ced3b502ea6f0414c5504cc5742833


Another beautiful beach is located in Dahab, Egypt. While this may not seem like an ideal tourist location due to the increasing amount of turmoil in this region, it is actually quite significant to the area. The Bay of Dahab is a place that has tourists, as well as locals, falling in love, year after year. Many people who have visited, find themselves planning their return shortly after. The beach is known for its secluded location and abundance of hospitality.  The combination of sea and desert make for a perfect escape, providing many opportunities to indulge in. Although Dahab is exploding with natural sensations, it might not be for everyone. The typical crowd usually consists of adventurous travelers, who just so happen to stumble upon it. The bay is not as urbanized as most tourist spots, and contains a large amount of independently owned shops. If you are searching for a one-of-a-kind location, this beach would be more than satisfying.



“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but its played over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” -Pat Conroy

These beaches are only small samples of the indescribable beauty the Middle East entails. Traveling to only one, would not be enough.

You have to start somewhere though. .



3 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beach

  1. All of these beaches look beautiful! I personally love more local places, one’s that aren’t overpopulated by travelers (even though I would be one!), so Dahab would be the beach I would go to visit! I’m interested to know if there are specific activities like fishing or boating that are allowed/prohibited in these areas. Especially given the areas they are located in, the beaches seem to be one of a kind – exactly how prevalent are beaches in the Middle East?

  2. There are so many beautiful places in the Middle East and I think that there are often times when we forget about this. There is such a stereotype placed on the Middle East and so much war and conflict happening there, that I think we sometimes forget about the good things.

  3. I constantly dream of visiting beaches all over the world. I am completely fascinated with them, especially with living in southern Ohio my whole life with no beaches even relatively close. I had never heard of any of these beaches which is hard to believe because they are so gorgeous. I was just telling one of my friends the other day that I wanted to travel to the Middle East and they responded surprised and quickly asked why. I then pulled up a few pictures of all the beautiful places throughout the Middle East and within a few minutes my friend was trying to join in on my trip.

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