Climates In The Middle East

In the United States we have four main seasons, and they all have typical temperatures that we expect every year. We live in a part of the world where there is very high humidity and in the summer, it makes it feel extremely hotter than it actually is outside. It gets cold in the winter and snows in most parts of the country. But in other parts of the country, it can be very different. What is it like in your country?

In the majority of the Middle East, it is a very dry desert area. They typical climate is hot and dry, although in the winter the temperature is mild with occasional rain. There are the great steppes, to the north of the desert, and this area has extreme temperatures and rain in the winter and in the spring. The rest of the Middle East has regular rainfall between March and November and occasionally floods between March and May. The areas along the coast are that are quite humid, but have a steady breeze to compensate for the heat.

The amount of rain and the temperature vary across the Middle East and within the countries themselves. The Caspian Sea coast of northern Iran receives up to 2000mm of rain per year, but the desert part of Iran typically receives no rain at all for many years at a time. Temperatures also vary across different regions.

The Arabian Peninsula of Jordan and Iraq, and the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea have extremely average temperatures in the winter. Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia, averaged 75 degrees Fahrenheit in January, and 89 degrees in July.

Around the Middle East, the temperature in the summer is usually around 85 degrees Fahrenheit, but usually rise above 100 F. In Baghdad, the record high is 120 F; in Basra the record high is 124 F, the highest temperatures recorded in any major Middle Eastern city. However, the Saudi deserts are often over 120 F. There are many dust and sandstorms in the Middle East.

The climates in the Middle East can be drastically different than what we experience here in the United States. What is the climate like where you’re from?


One thought on “Climates In The Middle East

  1. Living in Ohio, we can get all four of the season in one day it seems. I am never happy with the weather. If it is Summer, I am complaining that it is too hot and there is no breeze but in the Winter I am complaining that it is too cold and snowing. My favorite season is Fall by far because I love wearing sweatshirt and sweat pants and I love all the fall treats like pumpkin cookies and apple cider! Plus, Halloween and Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays. Although I complain about the climate and weather of Ohio, I do not think I would like to live somewhere it is always the same.

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