Cheers! To Non-Alcoholic Beer!

Beer: a beverage with a taste that takes some getting used to. Most people say it’s an acquired taste as well. In America, most people do not enjoy this beverage for its flavor, unless it is a crafty brew with some sort of flavor or spice added to it. Personally, I believe this drink is consumed rapidly for merely social purposes. The feeling one gets from drinking beer is what attracts them to it in the first place. Another belief I have about beer is since there is an age limit on when it can be consumed, it is deeply desired. Therefore, when one finally gets a sip of alcohol they most likely feel obligated to appreciate and like it.

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Many Muslims prefer non-alcoholic beer.

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  The purpose of some beer in the Middle East, however, is somewhat different from America’s. The Middle East is the largest market for non-alcoholic beer in the World. This does not mean that alcoholic beer is frowned upon though, since there has been tradition of alcoholic beer consumption and it still outsells the non-alcoholic type.

            Guilda Saber, brand manager of Laziza, a Lebanese non-alcoholic beer, said, “Drinking beer, even the non-alcoholic variety, taps into a popular desire for a globalised lifestyle that neither fruit juice nor even Coca-Cola can offer.” In many aspects, this argument is true, because the image of one drinking beer changes the identity of a person in a way-to someone who has grown up and is sophisticated in some aspects.

            Some refer to this zero-alcohol beer as a “Sin-Free Ale,” which has raised the optimism of non-alcoholic beer companies, considering religiosity has increased and spread out through the region. Religious views are not the only source for non-alcoholic beer demands. Some factors of this increased demand would include brand loyalty, which derives from their young adult lives, therefore creating favoritism for non-alcoholic beer. The most important factor in non-alcoholic beer demand in the end is flavoring. Manufacturers have gotten creative and changed the perception of non-alcoholic beer to a flavored carbonated malt drink-which bring a taste of bitterness and change consumers opinions of this popular beverage.

moussy beer

Moussy, is a popular Swiss brand of non-alcoholic beer, who use an array of ingredients to enhance flavor.

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            This movement in the Middle East could provide many positive changes for the region. There are many health risks associated with alcohol consumption, and if young adults try the non-alcoholic beverage first, they may decide this drink is not the most attractive flavor for their taste buds. This then early decision could influence the health of future generations. In the end, alcohol in moderation is not unhealthy, and is most certainly popular on our side of the world. To America, beer is just a small factor in the opportunity to gain social relationships and create memories with ones we love. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, be smart, be safe, and make good choices.


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3 thoughts on “Cheers! To Non-Alcoholic Beer!

  1. I agree that beer in America is a lot of times consumed for the social aspect. It helps people walk up to that stranger and talk to them or be brave. I think it is interesting that other countries prefer non-alcoholic beer but maybe people from countries who prefer non-alcoholic beer think it is interesting that Americans prefer alcoholic.

    1. well i think non-alcoholic beer is better because muslims cant have alcohol and i dont want to be “DRUNK” or i will be crazy and have brain problems

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