Helping the Special Needs Students In The Middle East

Speech, language, and motor skills. These are three fundamentals that we learn within the first few years of our lives. As a Communication Sciences and Disorders major here at Ohio University, I tend to think a lot about these types of potential issues and how they affect people around the globe.

As a CSD major, I mainly learn about the speech therapy profession. If people need these services and don’t have access to them, they can have a challenging life depending on their specific problem. This got me thinking specifically about the Middle East and wondering if they have access to these privileges that we tend to take for granted here in the United States. The program in the Middle East is called AlphaVista.

Clinical Experts

There is officially an office set up in Dubai and it connects with the entire Middle East to help with these different therapies. They have experts in speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy. They also have well-informed consultants to help with a variety of issues. They help schools setup a system for special education students, which also provides a greater therapy outcome, and it helps to bring in better technology based solutions to help with the best possible delivery of the special education programs.

School Programs for the Better

This organization will partner with schools throughout the Middle East to try to detect developmental disorders when a child is young in order to have a better chance of preventing it or to at least make it better. They assess these disorders in terms of speech therapy, cognitively, psychologically, nutritional well-being and physical health.

Special Education Training

Alpha Vista will have on-site training and webinar programs that will help teachers in the school systems provide the appropriate screening and assessment for the students with special needs.

I think that this is such an amazing program because it gives people in the Middle East a chance to have access to some opportunities that they might not otherwise have access to. After studying CSD for two years, and having some personal experience in this subject, this is something that I feel very strongly towards. I have a little sister who has needed speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Without those opportunities, I don’t know where she would be today. Those privileges have helped her immensely and are definitely something that everyone should have chance to try out. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Helping the Special Needs Students In The Middle East

  1. I love this article! Your personal connection to the subject shows and I agree that having programs like the ones you’ve described will truly help a lot of people. As you said, the earlier children have access to assistance, the better off they will be. I like that there is a central location, but I hope it continues to spread as well. It sounds like there is a great demand for it.

  2. I have a cousin who is Autistic and have always been curious as to what type of therapy is available to special needs individuals across the world. In the states, they are able to receive (from an outside view) top of the line therapy, and I loved reading that in Dubai, it is similar. I also think that it is extremely beneficial to the individual that they are starting the programs at a young age to allow for greater development and prevention of the disorder worsening. Sounds like a great organization.

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